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Pharaon Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) is a consulting company that provides a range of psychological, coaching, and counseling services to individuals, couples, and groups. Founded in 1997 by counseling psychologist Dr. Nora Alarifi Pharaon, PCG is a US-based company with global outreach and focuses on these core offerings:

  • * Consulting
  • * Psychotherapy
  • * Testing and Evaluation
  • * Coaching
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Pharaon Consulting Group, Inc.

United States

PCG operates out of the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. Currently, PCG offers individual, child, family, couple and group psychotherapy to members of the Arab American community residing in New York City. We also provide psycho-educational workshops and run support groups on acculturation, cultural sensitivity, family well-being as well as several other issues pertinent to the Arab-American community. All of our psycho-educational workshops can be tailored to the client’s specific needs.

PCG also performs psychological assessments for clients – including youth and children – who are referred to us by private practitioners and organizations in the medical, legal, educational and social service fields.

The results of our psychological assessments, delivered in the form of comprehensive psychological reports, are relied upon by various organizations. Our evaluations are in turn used by these entities to make critical decisions about their clients’ treatment plans, thereby helping their respective clients attain their educational, career and personal goals.

PCG also offers individual career counseling to help individuals explore their career options and/or enhance their career development. To achieve an optimal career path, individuals are encouraged to explore their interests, abilities and skills through a variety of assessment instruments and inventories relevant to their career needs. The career counseling process includes instruction in decision making, goal setting, and assertiveness training which in turn, helps these individuals achieve career maturity.

To complement career counseling services, we also offer professional coaching services that enhance individuals’ career paths thus fulfilling more satisfying lives.

On a regular basis, PCG is solicited by a variety of New York City organizations and institutions to serve on advisory boards and forums dealing with matters relating to psychology and education. PCG’s consulting services also extend internationally to individuals and organizations in the Middle East and particularly in Saudi Arabia.

Pharaon Consulting Group, Inc.


PCG’s consulting services in the fields of psychology, business and education extend overseas into the Middle East and Gulf Region, particularly into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since 1997, we have provided regular consulting services to educational institutions, business organizations, female training centers, hospitals and social service agencies throughout Saudi Arabia.

PCG has also spearheaded the Saudi women’s movement towards self-improvement by encouraging and facilitating their psychological, educational and emotional development.

Specifically, we created and developed training programs, in the Arabic language, for Saudi women. Our programs address issues such as self-esteem, assertiveness, risk-taking, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, decision-making as well as a variety of other important life skills.

PCG has also introduced several American self-development programs to the Arab World, including Insight, a cognitive behavioral group therapy program for women. By translating Insight into Arabic while tailoring it to the Middle Eastern culture, we brought the first program of its kind to women in the Arab World. Over the past seven years, several groups of Saudi women have participated in the Insight program, with a vast majority of participants reporting increases in personal efficiency, life satisfaction and overall productivity following their participation in the program.

Teacher training workshops have been among the most popular programs offered by PCG in Saudi Arabia. These programs have been specifically tailored to integrate the cultural practices upheld by the society at large while emphasizing the widely accepted theories and trends in psychology and education.

In recent years, Saudi women have become increasingly interested in the private sector, hence a growing need for business programs that address their professional development. In response to this trend, PCG has focused on developing and delivering training programs specifically tailored to the unique business environment in Saudi Arabia.

Among PCG’s most popular business training offerings are the Franklin Covey Leadership Programs, namely the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and First Things First. These programs are typically attended by Saudi women who work in sectors such as education, banking and private industry. Our business training programs also include: team building, project management, and negotiation skills among many others.

In addition to our business training offerings, we have also developed programs tailored to the specific and critical needs of Saudi women working in the education sector. Even though public education has long been the primary employer of Saudi females, the lack of adequate academic institutions offering degrees in education has resulted with many school teachers and administrators who lack the necessary skills to succeed in their jobs. In response to these needs, PCG has developed Arabic training programs for teachers, supervisors, and administrators. Our educational workshops include topics such as teaching effectiveness, class management, supervisory skills as well as a variety of other short programs tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Since non-governmental organizations currently do not play a role in addressing social needs in Saudi Arabia, over the past twenty years, a number of charitable and social service agencies, headed by members of the Royal family, have sprouted across the Kingdom to address these critical needs. These organizations have fed the poor, cared for the disabled and addressed a variety of other pressing social issues.

Over the past few years, PCG has played an active role in training Saudi females, who staff charitable and social service agencies, to perform their work more effectively. These training programs and educational workshops, developed in response to the client’s needs, are delivered in various regions across Saudi Arabia. Our training program topics include: local community organization, needs assessment, leadership development and collaborative volunteerism.