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Pharaon Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) is a consulting company that provides a range of psychological, coaching, and counseling services to individuals, couples, and groups. Founded in 1997 by counseling psychologist Dr. Nora Alarifi Pharaon, PCG is a US-based company with global outreach and focuses on these core offerings:

  • * Consulting
  • * Psychotherapy
  • * Testing and Evaluation
  • * Coaching
How to find us:

17 Ames Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070

Testing and Evaluation Services

Psychological Assessment

Psychological testing is a process of understanding how a person thinks, learns, and feels. It is also helpful in gaining a more complete understanding of how they interact with and interpret their world. Psychological testing begins with an initial clinical interview conducted by our psychologist. This interview consists of collecting a developmental history, which includes information about the patient’s health, behavioral, emotional, social, academic, and occupational backgrounds. This information is useful in understanding life-long patterns which may be present, and which often shed important light on the reasons behind the problem for which the patient is seeking care. Following this session, the psychologist will determine the nature and scope of the testing that is required and will schedule an appointment to complete the assessment. During the testing appointment, a series of tests are given, which measure all types of psychological functioning. After testing is completed a feedback session will be scheduled to discuss the test results, diagnoses, and recommendations. Our psychologist will then communicate relevant information to the patient’s primary health care provider/physician, attorney, or other parties in order to arrange for and coordinate care in the most effective manner.